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I'm Hannah Lowery, Edges Wild Studio owner and curator, nature nerd and lifetime artist who is forever exploring the world through creative experimentation. I grew up barefoot and wild haired in mayapple-carpeted forests and blackberry-lined meadows, and never lost the love for those things, so I bring all that affection for wild places to bear on my current medium and muse: studio floristry. Through my studio and with my team, I provide custom-tailored "folk art floral" design collections and immersive botanical set design experiences to thoughtful, artful people for their weddings and editorial events. 

If your aesthetic sensibilities are a twinge left of center, full of self-determined style and homespun tradition, and if you're as moved as I am by Over The Rhine's line, “against the grain and leave the edges wild” (my working mantra, in case that wasn't clear), we should be friends. And if you've been looking for an alternative floral designer for a meaningful life event, if you want "a wedding that isn't too wedding-y," we might just make a good team. I live for fellow humans who embrace their quirky, non-conformist selves, and carry their keen sense of style and meaning-making into every undertaking.



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Casually Finessed
old soul

My design style is characteristically intricate but approachable, highly textural, often "weedy," in cases where wild-landscape influences are appropriate, and my work almost always comes with a nature-forward twist; some nod to botany-adjacent disciplines.

You can count on naturalist overtones and probably literary depth. And curated color palettes that tend to be nuanced and painstakingly blended, with incredible attention to color transitions and the interactions between the different hues and tones that add up to the overall effect of the piece. In a word, it's all very wonder-evoking.