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Hey y'all.

It's Hannah Lowery, Edges Wild Studio owner and curator, nature nerd and lifelong artist. Through floristry--my current medium and muse--I tell individual human stories via wedding and event collections, curating botanicals with emotive textures, colors and compositions to mark our clients' most important milestones; leaning into the symbolic, and weaving tokens and gestures that are meaningful to the people involved into every stroke of the work.

"Folk Art Floristry," my proprietary style of arranging, is rooted in sculptural complexity and composed with nuanced colorways, unusual ingredients, and surprising curio. It's punctuated by fly-aways evocative of movement, and though it tends to skew more masculine than feminine, it carries both energies, often in a delicate balancing act. My favorite focal flower is often not a flower at all, but some other denizen of the plant kingdom: a leaf, a root, a branch that often plays the principal role in the work. I design with the aim that the finished pieces exist in harmony with their surroundings; I want it to feel as if the work had always belonged, growing into its landscape or urban architecture overnight, each part working to bring a larger ecological story to life



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My design style is characteristically intricate but approachable, highly textural, often "weedy," in cases where wild-landscape influences are appropriate, and my work almost always comes with a nature-forward twist; some nod to botany-adjacent disciplines.

You can count on naturalist overtones, urban juxtapositions, and probably literary depth, as well as curated palettes that tend to be painstakingly nuanced, with incredible attention to color transitions and the interactions between the different hues and tones that add up to the overall impact of the piece. In a word, it's very wonder-evoking.